• Top Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean the Kitchen Tools

    One of the best things that you can do in your kitchen is to endow in the best quality cookware tools and equipment. Have a look at the eco-friendly ways that you can do to clean the kitchen tools without using harsh chemicals and spending lots of money.

    Cast-Iron pans
    All around seasoned cast-iron utensils need low or little maintenance. When you spot the interior of your pan is losing its smooth sheen, it's an ideal time to re-season. Altogether rub the container with the cooking oil, heat at 350°F for 60 minutes, and wipe out any remaining oil.

    Enameled and stainless steel utensils
    If the interior and exterior of your pans and pots got burnt on stains and get discolored, utilize DIY delicate scrub mixture. Blend baking soda with a couple drops of warm water and simply enough fluid dish cleanser to shape smooth paste. Now rub it and let sit for few minutes, then delicately remove the stains and wash off.


    Kitchen Knives
    Knives are the closest companions in the kitchen. Hand-wash stainless steel blades in warm sudsy water and wipe dry. When you have high-quality knives, get them sharpened professionally once in a year, however it depends on the sort of knife you have and how heavily you use it. Sharpening the blade will make it straight and sharper.

    Wood and Bamboo Utensils
    Spoons produced using bamboo or wood will last long when you treat them appropriately. To wash, clean them in warm lathery water and wipe dry (never abandon them absorbing water, as this opens up the grain of the wood). When they get dry, apply a coat of food-grade oil to protect and moisturize the wood.

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    Wood Cutting Boards
    To clean and aerate your cutting board subsequent to cutting sweet-smelling onions and garlic or foods that stain, for example, beets or herbs, sprinkle the cutting board with salt and rub it with the lemon. Once in a month, when you spot your board looking dry or harsh, rub it well with dissolved coconut oil, and buff it with a dry cotton cloth to saturate and safeguard the wood.

    Counters & Appliances
    Clean the grimy or dusty kitchen appliances with a homemade cleaning solution. In a bottle, mix one part of liquid soap with some drops of lemon and 4 parts of water to make this solution.

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